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Suburban sightseeing

In Tottori prefecture, you can experience nature including the magnificent Tottori Sand Dunes and the national park Mt Daisen.
There are many places where you can feel the history.
Enjoy a trip full of attractions and attractions.
Here we will introduce some of the sightseeing spots around "Hawai Onsen" that represent Tottori Prefecture.
  • 【Sightseeing around our hotel】

    • Hawai Swimming Beach/Uno Swimming Area

      Hawai Swimming Beach, which boasts a location with dazzling white sand, blue sea, and outstanding beauty,
      Many people visit each year with the neighboring Uno Swimming Area.
    • Chinese Garden / Encho-en(Encho-en)

      A full-scale Chinese garden built on the Togo Lakeshore of Togo Lakeshore.
      Designed by an engineer in Hebei Province, China, it is made by importing Chinese materials.
      Everything from the murals painted with elaborate lines to the sense of color scheme has a Chinese character.
    • Yuasis Togo / Ryuhokaku(Ryuhokaku)

      Bade zone with various baths,
      The 27m dragon slider is divided into a masterpiece pool zone,
      Lake Togo are open-air baths, mineral spring baths and sleeping baths overlooking Lake Togo.
  • 【Suburban sightseeing】

    • Kurayoshi Shirakabe Dozo-gun

      An old storehouse from the Edo and Meiji era that remains today.
      Along the Tamagawa River flowing through the city, old-fashioned storehouses and merchant houses are preserved,
      Kurayoshi's image of the past is left.Many of the Shirakabe Dozo were built in the Edo and Meiji eras,
      White plastered white walls, black wainscots of red cedar, and red roof tiles have a nostalgic look.
      A small stone bridge with a slight sledge is laid between the storehouse and the merchant house across the quietly flowing Tamagawa River.
      It is in harmony with the surrounding scenery, and the relaxing time is flowing only here.
      A part of this Shirakabe Dozogun has been remodeled into a shop and workshop,
      It is gaining in popularity as a new tourist attraction in Kurayoshi.
    • Red Tile

      Modern renovation of an old soy sauce store and sake brewery.
      The exterior of the old warehouse is kept as it is, and the interior is renewed. "Red Tile"
      There is a building from the first building to the eighth building.The first building is a product building with unique shops such as general stores,
      Building No. 2 is a workshop of local toy Hakota Doll and statues of Buddha statues, Building No. 3 is a bamboo work gallery,
      The fourth building is an antique shop, the fifth building is a coffee shop, the sixth building is a soy sauce store, the seventh building is a liquor store,
      Building No. 8 is the Kurayoshi oldness and product building.
    • Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum

      The Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum is full of new discoveries and experiences under the theme of "culture of people and pears."
      In the central hall, the largest tree of the twentieth century pear in the country will welcome you.
      The ceiling directs the change of the day from the morning sun to the sunset,
      I almost forget the flow of time.
    • Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple / Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple -up Nageiredo

      In this Nageiredo, the actor built at the foot of the Nageiredo is
      It is so called from the tradition that it was made by throwing it in with mythical power, saying "Eiya!".

      Its miraculous appearance, built on a cliff, does not look very human,
      It seems natural that actor legends are still being told.
  • 【Tottori Main Tourism】

    • Tottori Sand Dunes

      The Tottori Sand Dunes change their expression one day and the other one gently.
      Wind patterns and sand curtains that change every time the wind blows are art created by nature.
      Especially in the early morning, the wind ripples spread all over the dunes where no one has yet set foot.
      We approach with overwhelming scale and beauty.
      The sunset over the Sea of Japan is also wonderful, and the ever-changing sky and the subtle shades of the sea are wonderful views.
    • National Park Oyama(Daisen)

      A magnificent national park where everyone can enjoy the seasons.
      Let's play sports in the nature of the north wall of Oyama in summer!
      A natural zone full of Daisen sightseeing spots, also known as Hoki Fuji!
      Oyama boasts the highest peak in the Chugoku region, 1,709m.
      Due to its neat appearance, it is also called "Hoki Fuji".
      A natural monument Caraboku grows near the summit, and as a treasure trove of alpine plants and wild birds,
      The foot of the mountain is designated as Daisen Oki National Park.
      Picking fresh greens and bracken in spring, camping and mountain climbing in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, western Japan's only ski resort in winter,
      We welcome visitors with various attractions.
    • Prefectural Flower Park “Tottori Hanakairo”"Prefectural Flower Park “Tottori Hanakairo”"

      A flower park with a total area of 50 ha, one of the largest flower beds in Japan overlooking Oyama.
      Arranged around a flower dome, a paradise in summer, where you can enjoy flowers all year round, regardless of the weather or the season,
      The first covered observation corridor in Japan, which extends for a total of 1km, goes around the area.
      Various flowers bloom every season throughout the park.
  • Footbath guide

    There are two Togo Onsen Hawai Onsen, "Hawai Onsen" and "Togo Onsen" around Lake Togo in central Tottori Prefecture.
    There are "footbaths" for tourists and locals.
    It flows from a source of 50 to 60 ° C and is adjusted to 40 to 43 ° C.
    At present, there are four footbaths named "Seven Lucky Gods" in "Hawai Onsen Togo Onsen" and two in "Togo Onsen".
    • 【First hot water】Fukurokuju-no-yu

      The first hot spring, "Fukurokuju-no-yu, " is a Japanese-style footbath.

      [Hot water opening time]From 09:00 to 21:00(All Year)

      *However, every Monday is for cleaning in the morning, so hot water is open from 13:00 to 21:00
    • 【Second hot water】Ebisu-no-yu

      This is the Ebisu-no-yu, a southern European building with cycad plants.

      [Hot water opening time]From 09:00 to 21:00(All Year)

      *However, every Monday is for cleaning in the morning, so hot water is open from 13:00 to 21:00
    • 【Third hot water】Jurojin-no-yu

      "Jurojin-no-yu" is a unique footbath that uses the pliers at the old bus stop.

      [Hot water opening time]From 09:00 to 21:00(All Year)

      *However, every Monday is for cleaning in the morning, so hot water is open from 13:00 to 21:00
    • 【Fourth hot water】Benzaiten-no-yu

      The "Benzaiten-no-yu Tennoyu" located at the dock is the foot bath of the boat.

      [Hot water opening time]From 09:00 to 21:00(All Year)

      *However, every Monday is for cleaning in the morning, so hot water is open from 13:00 to 21:00