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  • About the guest rooms

    This facility has some non-smoking rooms listed below.
    ・3 "Standard B guest rooms" (Japanese-style room 18 square meters / children allowed)Continue reading
  • About the bath in the guest room

    This facility also has hot spring water in the baths in the guest rooms, so you can enjoy the hot springs even in your room.
    However, it wilContinue reading
  • View from the room

    All rooms have a lake view overlooking Lake Togo, but please understand that the view may differ depending on the room.
  • About hot springs

    At our inn, we are particular about using 100% free-flowing hot spring water for all of our baths.
    Therefore, the temperature of the hot watContinue reading
  • About large communal bath

    There are indoor baths for men and women (Kojo-no-yu and Tennyo-no-yu) and open-air baths (Suiko-no-yu and Mihoshi-no-yu).We have a men's anContinue reading
  • About towels and bath towels

    There are no towels or bath towels in the public bath.
    Please bring towels and bath towels from your room to the public bath.
  • Private bath (outdoor bath/indoor bath)

    There are two private baths: an open-air bath (Manten-no-yu) and an indoor bath (Gekka-no-yu).
    The popular private open-air bath "Manten-no-Continue reading
  • About using with children

    If you are traveling with children, we will only accept reservations in room types that accommodate children (including infants).(*However, Continue reading
  • About the internet environment

    This facility is Wi-Fi enabled throughout, so you can use the internet comfortably in your room.
    We will provide you with information such aContinue reading
  • vending machine

    We have it on the 1st floor.
    We sell both soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.
    We also sell ice cream separately, so please ask at the front deContinue reading
  • About rest area

    Picture books, comic books, etc. are available in the rest area on the first floor.
    We also have recent comics and manga books, so please taContinue reading
  • About smoking areas

    With the exception of guest rooms where smoking is permitted, all public spaces such as restaurants (banquet halls) and conference halls areContinue reading
  • About renting chargers

    Please be assured that this facility lends out chargers for smartphones, etc.
    If you need it, please come to the front desk on the 1st floorContinue reading
  • About wheelchair rental

    This facility has one wheelchair available for rental.
    If you wish to use this service, please contact us in advance.
    *There is no problem iContinue reading
  • cot

    This facility has two cots available.If you are in a room without a bed and would like to sleep on a bed, please let us know.
    If you requestContinue reading
  • About curfew

    This facility does not have a specific curfew, but the automatic front door will be closed at 24:00 for security reasons.Therefore, if you aContinue reading
  • About sending luggage in advance

    You may send your luggage in advance, so we would appreciate it if you could call us and let us know when your luggage will arrive at this fContinue reading
  • About payment

    You can pay with the following credit cards at this facility.
    (Visa / MASTER / SAISON / JCB / Debit Card)
    You can also pay with PayPay.
  • About parking lot

    Free parking is available in front of the property's main entrance.
    There is a parking space for up to 30 cars, so there is no need to make Continue reading
  • About transportation

    Currently, we do not provide a shuttle service to stations etc.Please understand.

Reservations and Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.


【Reception hours】From 08:00 to 22:30 〔*Closed from Monday 10:00 to Tuesday 15:00〕