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Yurihama Town Town is a new town consisting of Hawai Town, Tomari Village, and Togo Town located around Lake Togo in central Tottori Prefecture.
In the old days, Hawai Onsen that was using the hot springs gushing from the lake in the smiling ship in Lake Togo is located on the banks of the west side of the Lake Togo
The hot spring town floating on the lake stands quietly as it blends into the scenic lakeside scenery.
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Hotel Name

Yunoyado Saika


4-74 Hawai Onsen, Yurihama Town, Tohaku County, Tottori Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes by taxi from JR Kurayoshi Station.About 6 minutes via the prefectural Sanin Expressway from Sanin Expressway / Hawai IC.About 60 minutes via R313 from Yonago Expressway Yubara IC.

We currently do not provide pick-up service.
Please understand.

Access method

  • Customers using a car

    ■Osaka / Kyoto
    Suita JCT via Chugoku Expressway / Tottori Expressway, from Sanin Expressway - Sanin Expressway / Hawai IC - Hawai IC, about 3.5km via prefectural road, about 6 minutes.

    ■Okayama / Hiroshima
    To Sanyo Expressway and Okayama JCT than Okayama Expressway, Chugoku Expressway Ochiai JCT R313 · Yonago Expressway, Yubara IC ~ Yubara IC to Yonago Expressway from Ochiai JCT R482 · R179 · about 45km about 60 minutes via prefectural road.

    ■Parking available(30 private cars/Free)
    *Wagon cars, buses, and large buses are also available.
  • Customers using JR

    ■About 3 hours from Osaka Station to Kurayoshi Station by limited express "Super Hakuto" (via Chizu Line Line).
    ■About 2 hours and 30 minutes from Okayama Station to Kurayoshi Station via the Chizu Line and Tottori Station.
    ■Kurayoshi Station, please take a bus (about 20 minutes) or a taxi (about 10 minutes).
  • Passengers using route bus

    ■About 18 minutes from in front of Kurayoshi Station Bus Terminal (Bus Stop No. 4) by Nihon Kotsu Bus (via Hashizu Line / Hawai Onsen).
    After getting off at Hawai Onsen bus stop, walk 2 minutes to our inn.
  • Passengers using express bus

    ■Osaka(Bentencho/Namba/Shin-Osaka)/Sannomiya ⇔ JR in front of Kurayoshi Station(Nihon Kotsu)

    ■Hiroshima Bus Center ⇔ JR in front of Kurayoshi Station(Joint operation with Nihon Kotsu / Hinomaru Car / Hiroshima Electric Railway)

    ■Tokyo (Shinagawa) → JR in front of Kurayoshi Station(Night travel)
    (Co-operation with Nihon Kotsu / Hinomaru Car / Keihin Express)
  • Passengers using aircraft (domestic flights)

    ■About 70 minutes from Tokyo (Haneda Airport) Tottori Airport (ANA) 40 minutes by car from Tottori Airport,
    Or take the airport limousine to JR in front of Kurayoshi Station 45 minutes.

    ■About 75 minutes from Tokyo (Haneda Airport) Yonago Airport (ANA) 80 minutes by car from Yonago Airport,
    Or 30 minutes to the airport in front of JR Yonago Station airport limousine.